Biotechnology course

Hugo Fernandes organized a biotechnology course in IEC (instituto de Educação e Cidadania) for high school students. This course is focused on advanced therapies with application in Biomedicine, covering several topics such as, regenerative medicine, nanobiotechnology, gene therapy, etc. The course consists of weekly seminars given by researchers from UC-Biotech and from other institutions.

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Cardiosvascular System and exercise

Luís Monteiro and Lino Ferreira wrote a short article about the cardiovascular system and exercise. The article was published in Diário de Coimbra and resulted from the colaboration between CNC, European network FOIE GRAS, the Program Erasmus+ and Federação Académica de Desporto Universitário under the scope of European Universities Games 2018 that took place in [...]

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Come to enjoy the Researchers’ Night 2015 with us!

The night of September 25th the Biomaterials and Stem Cell-Based Therapeutics Group will also participate in the Researchers' night with activities about stem cells and biomaterials. The comic book "Uma Aventura Estaminal" will be distribute to the public. You can find the book, both in a Portuguese and in English online flipbook format here. For more information [...]

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Don’t miss the European Researchers’ Night on Friday, 26 September 2014!

The European Researchers' Night aims to bring researchers closer to the general public and to increase awareness of research and innovation activities, with a view to supporting the public recognition of researchers, creating an understanding of the impact of researchers' work on citizen’s daily life, and encouraging young people to embark on scientific careers.  For [...]

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European Night of Investigators in Coimbra - E agora Frankenstein? (And now Frankenstein?) Since a passionate researcher also needs to be creative, creativity is sometimes expressed in craziness. This summer craziness was expressed in theatre. By this my colleague Cristiana, me and some other scientists, challenged ourselves with theatre. Who said a scientists can´t be [...]

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Our Lab joined Science & Technology Week 2012! Every year, research institutes, universities, museums, schools of Portugal open their doors to students during  “The Science and Technology Week” organized by CIENCIA VIVA. Last year, this event was held from November 19-24. We were happy to show our laboratories in Biocant Park and therefore explained a little [...]

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