Science dissemination

Miguel Lino was interviewed by RFI, an international radio broadcaster. The interview was focused on our nanotechnology platform for the remote controlled release of microRNAs, recently published in ACS Nano. The interview can be listened here  

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NanoGateway Winter School

Lino Ferreira participated in the NanoGateway Winter School in Braga with a talk focused on triggerable biomaterials for regenerative medicine. The NanoGateway is a project co-funded under the Interreg V-A Spain-Portugal Cooperation Programme and is led by the Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory. The main objective of this project is the implementation of a strategy to unlock [...]

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Open position

Open position for a PhD student in the NANOSTEM Initial Training Network (Marie Skłodowska-Curie-ITN)

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Science dissemination

Our research work, recently published in ACS Nano, has received the attention of several news agencies websites, reaching now a broader audience.

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Bob Langer 70th birthday celebration

September 7-9, 2018- Cambridge, MA Bob Langer is the most cited engineer in history and one of the ten most cited individuals in history. He directs the largest biomedical engineering lab in the world. During the last days, Langer lab alumni celebrated his birthday in Boston. It was a memorable event, full of emotion, respect [...]

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EraChair project was present in Praça Vida +

From 20 to 22nd of July, the EraChair project, represented by Luís Estronca, was present in Praça Vida+. Praça Vida+ was an event organized by the University of Coimbra and Instituto Pedro Nunes under the scope of the European project "Healthy Lifestyle Innovation Quarters for Cities and Citizens". This event aims to bring scientific knowledge [...]

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Cardiosvascular System and exercise

Luís Monteiro and Lino Ferreira wrote a short article about the cardiovascular system and exercise. The article was published in Diário de Coimbra and resulted from the colaboration between CNC, European network FOIE GRAS, the Program Erasmus+ and Federação Académica de Desporto Universitário under the scope of European Universities Games 2018 that took place in [...]

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Investing in young researchers, shaping Europe’s future

A two day event, held in Strasbourg, was organized by the ERC and the European Parliament's Science and Technologies Option Assessment Committee (STOA) and counted with the presence of several ERC grantees and members of the European Parliament. The event promoted the discussion between politicians and academics, in an attempt to address tomorrow´s challenges, such as [...]

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Workshop on Ageing: Models and Therapies

Our group is organizing a workshop on Ageing on June 27th at FMUC.   Local: Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Coimbra, Sub-Unidade 1, Pólo III Data: 27-06-2018 Program: 14:15- 14:30 Opening session Duarte Nuno Vieira (University of Coimbra) 14:30-15:00 ERA@UC Lino Ferreira (University of Coimbra) 15:00- 15:30 Proteomic analysis identifies novel intrinsic and extrinsic [...]

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New work published in ACS Nano

"Modulation of Angiogenic Activity by Light-Activatable miRNA-Loaded Nanocarriers"   The nanocarriers are composed by a gold nanorod core for sequential delivery of two different miRNAs with near-infrared light stimuli with different laser powers.

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